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After Hours: Kingstarter

future-kingOur listeners have been sending in some great review fodder, so Caleb reviews Cyberskelter, a scenario anthology for Cyberspace, the same RPG that was responsible for Death Valley Free Prison. I review part of the Future King, a batshit insane RPG/adventure that takes six very specific heroes from history to save King Athur. We also discuss some Kickstarter-related topics, such as a certain con artist and the practicality of Chaosium’s Horror on the Orient Express.

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Song: Decay by HOME

After Hours: Vaporhack – Hacking the Wave

groceriesWe have mentioned vaporwave time and time again on RPPR, but we haven’t really talked about in. Now is the time! Tom, Aaron, Shaun, and I listen to various vaporwave songs and critique them. We also talk about the cinematic masterpiece that is ‘Double Down’ by Neil Breen. Of course, we also review THREE RPG books:

Savagery of the Spider-Men for Legendquest (couldn’t find a relevant link)
Operation Perfect Blue
Waste World

The vaporwave we listen to:

  1. 1. Corporate Wonders® for Windows 3.1 by Workspace 3.1
  2. 2. Dying To Tell You This by マクロスMACROSS 82-99
  3. 3. Polydreaming Mall by Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza
  4. 4. HOUSEWARES by 식료품groceries

Watch Double Down on Youtube!

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RPPR After Hours: Zack Snyder’s Airlords of the Ozarks

airlords In this episode we review Blood in the Slave Pits, an adventure for Legendquest, which apparently was the RPG for people that wanted a game that makes sense. We also look at Twilight 2000 and Airlords of the Ozarks, the only Ozarks themed adventure in RPG history about fighting white supremacists in blimps.

There’s also discussion about the cinematic genius that is Zack Snyder and think about what films he could reinvent with his unique and brilliant style.

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RPPR After Hours: The Immortal Manther and Whisperballs

whisperballsFor our one year anniversary of the Patreon, we decided to revisit the saga of Baron von Kharkov, the vampiric man-panther (Manther for short), in the Dungeon magazine #50 adventure “Felkovic’s cat”.

We also review Immortal: The Invisible War, a strange game of World of Darkness-ish terminology and bizarre metaphysics. Find out what whisperballs are and other esoteric secrets.

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BONUS AFTER HOURS EPISODE! PAX South Trip Report with Chris Farmer

pax1Chris Farmer is a veteran RPPR alumni – you might remember him as the voice of Ab3 on our original radio plays. He went to PAX South this year and had spare room in his hotel so I tagged along for the ride. After 3 fun and exhausting days of exploring the con, we sat down to talk about it. This trip was made possible by your support on Patreon, so enjoy this bonus podcast!

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RPPR After Hours: Remember the Machismo

ace-agentsSpecial guest Michelle shows up to review Macho Women with Guns. Ross reviews A.C.E Agents, the premier GI Joe parody RPG. We also talk about the most macho of magazines from the 1990s, Soldier of Fortune, and more specifically, the ads at the back of the magazine. It’s like a gear chapter in a Palladium RPG! There’s also some talk about the recent hijacking of the Silent Hill wiki by a man on a quest to tell the world about the horrors of circumcision.

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