After Hours: AD&D WG7 Castle Greyhawk – Part 3

Bridget and Noah join me on my third delve into the dungeons below Castle Greyhawk! We find the darkest horrors yet – referential humor and puns. Level 4 features an O’Neil cylinder forest, flying buttresses, a magic item rental shop, and weird gravitational arenas. Level 5 is the Ready Player One of AD&D. That’s the only way I can describe it. It’s so bad.

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Noah’s podcast, Thinking Too Hard about Anime, is pretty neat

Song: Rejected Ready Player One Theme Song by Demi Adejuyigbe

Edit: I will make a second After Hours episode this month to make up for February. Sorry about that! I recorded this episode last week but it took a while to edit. Thank you for supporting RPPR!

Edit number 2: Bridget recommends this song to capture her mindset when reading through level 5 of Castle Greyhawk.

Listen to the episode here.

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