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RPPR Illustrated: The Best of Bridget

This month we’re celebrating Bridget’s games!

Top left-to-right, we have a veteran furry-porn artist  contemplating the design of the God Of Roadkill; The Witch of Dream-away  Camp making her presence known; Wolf Knight from Bridget’s Shadowrun  games making her usual dramatic entrance.

Far right, we have  the setpiece battle from The Demon of Tenjin Bridge, and along the  bottom, we have Sweet Valkyrie, Marshmallow Caster, Strawberry Rider and  Caramel knight From Dagashi.

Art by Patsy McDowell

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RPPR Illustrated: The Best of Caleb

Caleb is often memorable in the games he plays in and Patsy has chosen some of Caleb’s best scenes here!

Top row, left to right:

Bottom row, left to  right:

  • In Lord Of The Peaks, the expedition is nearly doomed by the  terrible luck of their demolitions expert;
  • Half-off of Fallen Flag walks  out into the wastes one last time with a head full of ghosts and a belt  full of grenades;
  • Operation Opal Elk comes to a fiery end as the  agents fail to store their nail bombs sufficiently far away from their  flamethrower.

Art by Patsy McDowell

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RPPR Illustrated: The Best of David

Our resident purple-preferring player is being honored in style!

Here, left to right, we have Four-Hands leading his li-kayku into  battle, Quoth the Raven Uplift, Mitchum Cleary reaching for his trusty  Lucille, The Mauve hand hiding with young Jeremy just before things get  even darker, the grain silo interrogation from ‘A Very Thorough Murder’,  Dr Kamarov facing off against a Dark Young, and along the bottom is  Han’s narrow escape through the crawlspace form Fallen Flag.

Art by Patsy McDowell.

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RPPR Illustrated: The Best of Aaron

We’re changing things up a bit on the RPPR Patreon! We’re highlighting some of the best moments of our cast members. To start things off is Aaron! The scenes depicted are from the following games:

Top center: Know Evil

Far left: Bryson Springs

Middle (from left to right): Operation Downslope, Andrew’s Fortune part 1, The White Stairs, and Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man episode 3.

Far Right: Nagalisitu Episode 10

Bottom: Shanghaied

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