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Bonus Actual Play! Call of Cthulhu – Fall Without End Playtest

fallwithoutendThis is the original playtest for Fall Without End. Listen as the RPPR crew tries to tackle mountain climbing and sanity rending horror. A fun time was had by all. Click here to download the actual play episode.

Our story takes place at Mount McKinley in 1931. As America comes to grips with the real cost of Black Tuesday, the government becomes desperate to find distractions for an increasingly rebellious population stirred by endless woes. As Lindbergh proved, the people love nothing more than heroes capable of great deeds, and the government is willing to buy itself some at any price. Players take the roles of the brave explorers risking their lives for a photo op at the summit. But the mountain is far older than any human civilization and home to terrors far worse than any economic recession. As players struggle up the infamous Wickersham Wall, will they be able to survive the combined onslaught of the elements, gravity, and vertiginous horrors from another reality?

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Bonus Actual Play! Call of Cthulhu – The Red Tower playtest

redtowerThis is the original playtest for the horror scenario. It was originally a bonus for backing the No Security Kickstarter, but I never got around to posting the AP. Now everyone can enjoy it. Click here to download it.

Capone’s reign has ended, and it remains to be seen how much of Chicago’s corrupt infrastructure will be dragged down with him. As two-bit criminals scramble to establish themselves in the power vacuum, the exposed corruption presents an opportunity for muckraking socialists to provoke the downtrodden into revolution. Meanwhile, the government must intervene to stop the Commies and audit the more legitimate business holdings listed in Capone’s infamous ledger. Despite their cross purposes, each faction finds itself stymied by an unknown forces. The mobsters are missing a Capo who was never swept up in the raids. A socialist reporter has never returned from his undercover assignment. And the government has to contend with a huge factory which, according to records, shouldn’t exist. Can a group of characters separated by politics, ideology, and class cooperate long enough to survive a terror antithetical to life itself?