WoD The Heck: Hunter the Reckoning

hunter-booksIn this episode, we cover Hunter the Reckoning, because I personally own the entire game line.  We will eventually cover every game line before we dive into specific books but I wanted to touch on that first. Hunter is kind of a hot mess but one I enjoyed back in the day. I even found a PDF chronicling my campaign of H:TR back in the day. It’s also attached to this post.

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  1. I did some googling and apparently the storyteller’s guide gives some vague canonical answer that the Messengers were sent by the leaders of the Dark Kingdom of Jade, which, like…seems a bit obscure, as an internal reference? I mean I like Wraith and I couldn’t tell you anything about them, guess they’re more KotE-related

  2. Sadly, our series has managed to already show in two episodes that canonicity in the OWoD was tenuous at best. There was an Asian connection suggested at the end of the main book as well as possible links to KotE to be found in Demon Hunter X.

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