WoD The Heck: Wraith the Oblivion

wraith2epg207Shaun and I act as Virgil to Faust’s Dante as we descend into the Tempest that is Wraith the Oblivion. Spectres, the Hierarchy and occasional Neverborn Malfean are just a few of the hazards we’ll face in our journey to the dark heart of the Labyrinth.

Song:  Descansos by Charon ME

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  3 comments for “WoD The Heck: Wraith the Oblivion

  1. Wraith has always been my personal favorite of the old World of Darkness line. However, given the impossibility of finding players for it, I’ll agree that I’m in the minute minority.

  2. I wanna see you guys rope Caleb into this or do a short new-world campaign.
    Also talk about the differences between New and Old because the books are more toolboxes but they also have there hard and fast Old World style meta things.
    Like the super hobo vampire.

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