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After Hours: Synnibarr Symposium

Friend of the podcast Noah joins us for an in-depth look at Synnibarr. This was spurred on by Noah’s decision to get a tattoo of the best art in any RPG ever, the raccoon with a rocket launcher a wristwatch. Find out what kind of character Noah makes and what video game console they’re named after!

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After Hours: D4 Nite

Tabletop RPGs may be more popular than they have ever been, but is that enough? No, clearly not. We need to rip off more popular games in a shameless attempt to gain a bigger audience. Shaun, Tom, and I try to graft battle royale mechanics to popular RPGs like D&D and Rifts.

I also review The Four Riders, part 2 of the Venusian Apocalypse trilogy from Mutant Chronicles.

Here’s a link to that game industry article I discuss at the start of the episode.

Song: Seer by Roex

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After Hours: Evil Corporation Investor Analysis

The Resident Evil 2 Remake led me down a wiki-lore dive, where I discovered that Umbrella actually had some *successful* projects, like the Tyrant 103 series, which was quite the surprise. Shaun, Tom, and I discuss which evil corporations are best for investors.

I also review Mutant Chronicles and an adventure for it, The Venusian Apocalypse Part 1: The Second Seal of Repulsion. It involves a tribe of cat people engineered to guard an evil temple and a luxury blimp.

Song: Blood Polygons by Grimlin

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After Hours: Choose Your Own Netflix

Caleb, Tom, and I enjoyed the new Black Mirror special, Bandersnatch, but we realized we could do better. Far better. So we discuss what interactive projects Netflix should do next. I also review a classic scenario from Judge’s Guild called Tower of Ulission. It’s a doozy featuring hallucinations, friendly talking skeletons, and a dragon that zips you when it breathes.