After Hours: AD&D WG7 Castle Greyhawk – Part 2

We descend deeper into the depths of Castle Greyhawk and find a…party? The monsters are setting up a party in level 2. On level 3, a buffet of food-based monsters await the adventurers. Baz, Max, and I try to decipher what’s going on in this dungeon.

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Listen to the episode here.

Discussing Death Stranding: Episode 1

After beating the video game Death Stranding (directed by Hideo Kojima) I found out that several of the RPPR cast and other friends have also beaten the game and found it interesting. Thad is our resident Kojima stan so I wanted to discuss the game with him and here we are.

In our first episode, we explain what the game is about and some of the reason why it’s an interesting game to discuss. In future episodes, we’ll bring guests on to discuss how you can bring Death Stranding to a tabletop RPG, its deeper themes, and dissecting those movie length cut scenes.

Listen to the episode here.