RPPR Illustrated: Cointract Island – Upcoming Survival Horror RPPR campaign!

Coin Tract Island is a A cryptocurrency DAO funded island resort and biotech startup.  They recruited a community of crypto-focused investors as residents and investors. COINtract, the biotech division, announced a major breakthrough in cybernetic technology and genetic engineering.

Recently, a major storm rocked the island. No one has heard from the island in the last 24 hours. It could be explained by damaged communications infrastructure, but what’s really going on in there?

(This has 2 versions of the map, a labeled version and an unlabeled version suitable as a player handout)

Note: As a change of pace, this month’s illustration is for an upcoming campaign. I’m working on a survival horror campaign using Fate Core with the Horror Toolkit. In the next few months, we’ll have more artwork featuring more from this campaign. Stay tuned!

View the map here.

After Hours: AD&D WG7 Castle Greyhawk – Part 3

Bridget and Noah join me on my third delve into the dungeons below Castle Greyhawk! We find the darkest horrors yet – referential humor and puns. Level 4 features an O’Neil cylinder forest, flying buttresses, a magic item rental shop, and weird gravitational arenas. Level 5 is the Ready Player One of AD&D. That’s the only way I can describe it. It’s so bad.

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Noah’s podcast, Thinking Too Hard about Anime, is pretty neat

Song: Rejected Ready Player One Theme Song by Demi Adejuyigbe

Edit: I will make a second After Hours episode this month to make up for February. Sorry about that! I recorded this episode last week but it took a while to edit. Thank you for supporting RPPR!

Edit number 2: Bridget recommends this song to capture her mindset when reading through level 5 of Castle Greyhawk.

Listen to the episode here.