After Hours: Inferno – Journey Through Malebolge Book One

Paul Elkmann returned to Hell after a 34 year sabbatical. Noah, Caleb, and Rob come with me to descend once again. Find out what the new version of Inferno holds for adventurers. From Styx mushrooms to the Tree of Good and Evil, there are a lot of new ways to TPK unwary parties. We slog through the diseases and marshlands of the netherworld for your entertainment!

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Song: 4th by Gost

Download the episode here.

RPPR Illustrated: Eclipse Phase – Know Evil – Scum Swarm

The third tier of our first Eclipse Phase campaign has the Know Evil team visiting a scum swarm. From our artist Patsy:

“Here we have the Swarm orbiting high over earth, with highlights on, left to right:

Faiyun  (am I finally spelling that right?) fresh from the rejuvenation vat,  rescues a resleeved SAIROC’s ballet performance; graffiti relating to  the mysterious narrative entity Akaja; emotionally unstable  psychosurgeon DOCTOR MINDFUCK, Magda of the BOYTOY salvage cooperative,  resleeved for battle but still looking fabulous; Faiyun and Bartleby  enjoying their new bodies modelled on their favourite anime characters;  Maxwell, forced to shoot his own Mesh-Insert out of his neck and the  salvage operation goes terribly wrong; Gerard and Maxwell indulging  their cowboy fantasies as members of the swarm militia; The  centipede-oid leader of the rival DEVIL’S REJECTS salvage company; and  Preston, rocking the fashion world by announcing his break from his  employers while wearing a fabricated human-skin suit.”

Art by Patsy McDowell

View the artwork here.