RPPR Illustrated: Safehouse of a Forgotten Superhero

This safehouse is designed in the Base Raiders setting, but can easily be transplanted to any superhero RPG setting. Merely replace Build-A-Base technology with some other high technology source. No game stats have been provided so it can be used for any system. A label-free version can be used as a handout. Perhaps the PCs use this as their own base once they find and secure it or can be gradually revealed, room by room, during an online game.

Click here to read the full description and view the map.

After Hours: Ninjas and Superspies Part 1

We’re back! There’s one Palladium RPG we’ve barely mentioned and it’s now time to dissect it. Ninjas and Superspies is a bizarre mix of high tech espionage and martial art mysticism. It supposedly contains 41 unique martial art forms but as Baz, Rob, and I discover, it’s a bit weirder than that.