Remastered Actual Play: Call of Cthulhu – Bryson Springs – Part 1

The year is 1935 and horror lurks in the shadows of the Great Depression. In a Hooverille near a small town of California, Bryson Springs, a man has been murdered by means most foul. A FBI agent is ordered to investigate the death even though he is currently transporting a mafia hitman to prison. A reporter from L.A. and a professor of anthropology also converge on the area, drawn by fate or curiosity. The unlikely heroes find themselves surrounded by a horror they cannot imagine, let alone perceive!

This is part 1 of the game, remastered with better audio quality.

Download the episode here.

After Hours: Ninjas and Superspies – Part 2

It’s not all dim mak and ninjas in this RPG. The superspy sections have their own set of weirdness. Bridget, Noah, and I dive into skills, cybernetics, agencies, super vehicles, and gear in this episode. Find out what parts of the game were clearly lifted from other Palladium games. What’s the dumbest cybernetic implant? All this and more in part 2