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After Hours: Kill the Bean, Drink His Blood

hellsgateIn this review filled episode, we go over FOUR whole books:

  • Hellsgate, a Dark Conspiracy adventure for astronauts, psychics, and cyborg escapees.
  • Broncosaurus Rex: Cretasus Adventure Guide, where Confederates enslave and eat intelligent dinosaurs.
  • Dawn of DNA: A Villains and Vigilantes adventure involving a sperm bank robbery.
  • Spelljammer: Concordance of Arcane Space – learn about how incredibly flammable outer space is in D&D.

We also discuss how movies are really other movies, like how Road House is really a retelling of the Wicker Man. Sean Bean is actually a character trapped in Stay Tuned, which explains why he gets killed so often.

Song: Conspiracy by Roburg

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WoD The Heck: Demon the Fallen

demon2Demon the Fallen was one of the last games in the Old World of Darkness and boy is it a game. Play a fallen angel returned to earth and do…things? First read 80 pages of in-game fiction to get a sense of the very detailed history of the setting that totally contradicts a lot of the other games in the Old World of Darkness, then we can talk.

Also read this promo comic actually produced by White Wolf to promote the game.

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