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Welcome to RPPR After Hours!

Hello! This website is a companion to the Role Playing Public Radio Patreon. Every month, we release new podcasts, artwork, and other content for the backers. This site indexes all of this content so it is easier to find for existing backers and allows potential backers to see what they’re missing. I have a more detailed description on the About page if you want to learn more about it.Otherwise, just browse and bookmark this site – it will be updated every time I update the Patreon (with the exception of Early Access posts, because they go to RPPR Actual Play the next day).

I made this site because in just over a year, I’ve made over 210 posts to the Patreon and I realized it may be hard or annoying to find certain content by scrolling through the page. This content is also invisible to search engines and potential backers can’t even see the show notes for our podcasts. Hopefully this makes the RPPR Patreon more accessible and useful. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about the site.