Role Playing Public Radio (RPPR) uses a crowdfunding site called Patreon. Listeners that back the Patreon gain additional benefits, such as additional podcasts, original artwork based on the actual play podcast, the chance to play with the RPPR cast in an online game, and a lot more. This site indexes and links all of the content on the RPPR Patreon so you can find it more easily. Some of the content is available to everyone but some of it is only available to people that pay a monthly fee to access the Patreon.

I created this site because the Patreon archival/search system is non-existent and I want to make it easy for people to find all the great content that’s been made possible by the Patreon. Even if you don’t contribute, you will find lots of freely available podcasts and more!

The characters on the banner are from left to right: Baron von Kharkov (a were-panther vampire from Ravenloft), a raccoon from the Synnibarr RPG, The Amazon gang leader from Death Valley Free Prison, the RPPR mascot dragon, and Dr. Drugs. All of them are featured in RPGs reviewed in the After Hours podcast. Want to know more about them? Better start listening!

What’s On The Patreon?

Every month, we release several bonus podcasts, exclusive for Patreon backers. There’s also artwork, an archive of Behind the Scenes blog posts, and a lot more.

RPPR After Hours (The Podcast)

In our main podcast, we try to avoid giving shout outs to major movies, TV shows, and other big pop culture media because everyone already knows about them. So, RPPR After Hours will focus on the stuff we don’t usually talk about mixed with reviews of obscure tabletop RPG products that are probably best forgotten.We have a sample episode available for free here.

RPPR WoD The Heck

After Hours has proven to be a hit with our Patreon backers and there’s a lot of interest in the Old World of Darkness, so I merged the two to create WoD The Heck.It’s a humorous look at the oWoD, by a mix of veterans and newbies.Every episode we cover some of the books or play a gonzo style game of elder vampires and abominations in a gothic punk game of personal horror. Many dice are rolled. There’s a sample episode available here.

Patreon Actual Plays

Every month, members of the RPPR Cast run online games for backers at the $10/month level and higher. These games are recorded to the RPPR Youtube Channel, where anyone can listen to them. As a courtesy, the audio is converted to a downloadable MP3 podcast. These episodes are FREE for EVERYONE, not just Patreon backers.

Behind The Scenes

For the first year of the Patreon, I posted many behind the scene blog posts. They contained campaign notes, fiction, and outlines for various projects. There’s even an entire film script I wrote. I ran out of old content to post, so Behind The Scenes blog posts will only show when I have something worth posting. Still, there’s a lot of neat stuff to peruse!

RPPR Illustrated

Every month, I commission an artist to portray a scene from a game from RPPR Actual Play podcast. You can artwork depicting some of our greatest games, whether they’re hilarious or terrifying!