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Bonus AP: Eclipse Phase – The Manor

The final game in the RPPR Triptych, this Eclipse Phase one shot features a group of Firewall sentinels investigating a hidden hypercorp research facility with a dark secret. There is a short prologue scene involving the hapless test subjects of the facility that serves as a tutorial for the new players. Enjoy!

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Bonus AP: Spirit of 77 – The Country Club

This is the second in our triptych of portrait painting themed APs. I finally got to run Spirit of 77, a 1970s grindhouse/exploitation themed PbtA RPG. In this scenario, a group of investigators look into a mysterious country club and its new patrons. It seems that the city’s elite are now beholden to a secretive group with a dark agenda…

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Bonus AP: Red Markets – Cowboy Singing

Over the last month, I’ve run 3 games in 3 different systems (Red Markets, Spirit of 77, and Eclipse Phase)  for the Armitage Files group (Bill, Melissa, Jason, Renee, and Aaron). The first was in Red Markets, to show some of the players what the game was like. After they chose a job that involved a famous painting, I decided to add a painting in each of the other games I ran. This is the first of my RPG “triptych.” Enjoy!

Click here to download the episode.