Category: Behind The Scenes

Alpha Playtest of Weird Trip

I took a break from freelance writing to write a quick storytelling game. Weird Trip is a collaborative game about a traveler on a journey to…somewhere. Who that traveler is and where they stop along the way is determined by the players. I ran a playtest with Bill, Tom, and Aaron.

This is the very first draft of the rules so feedback is appreciated. Once I revise it, I’ll release it to the public in some format, but you guys get first glance at it! Enjoy!

Click here to download the playtest and alpha playtest rules.

Behind the Scenes: Revelation Springs – a horror film script I wrote

Noah, Warren, and Marcus are urban explorers who break into an abandoned library and find a secret burial chamber of a dead cult. They awaken the spirits of the dead cultists. Marc disappears so Noah and Warren search for him. However, the spirits corrupt the living into joining their cult. Only Noah and Warren stand in their way from taking over.

I wrote this a few months before I began RPPR. I’ve never done anything with it, except use it as my thesis for my degree. However, it does mention some Cthulhu-ish things so I thought you guys might enjoy it. It’s also way longer than a normal behind the scenes post, so this makes up for October.

Click here to read the script.