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After Hours: AD&D WG7 Castle Greyhawk – Part 5

Thad and I explore levels 8 and 9 of Castle Greyhawk. Level 8 is fast food themed, a war between Colonel Sandpaper and King Burger. It’s…not good. Level 9 offers an actually good side quest that has nothing to do with the main plot whatsever. It’s the Elden Rings of Castle Greyhawk. But don’t worry, there’s lot of bad and dumb stuff on Level 9.

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After Hours: AD&D WG7 Castle Greyhawk – Part 3

Bridget and Noah join me on my third delve into the dungeons below Castle Greyhawk! We find the darkest horrors yet – referential humor and puns. Level 4 features an O’Neil cylinder forest, flying buttresses, a magic item rental shop, and weird gravitational arenas. Level 5 is the Ready Player One of AD&D. That’s the only way I can describe it. It’s so bad.

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Song: Rejected Ready Player One Theme Song by Demi Adejuyigbe

Edit: I will make a second After Hours episode this month to make up for February. Sorry about that! I recorded this episode last week but it took a while to edit. Thank you for supporting RPPR!

Edit number 2: Bridget recommends this song to capture her mindset when reading through level 5 of Castle Greyhawk.

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After Hours: AD&D WG7 Castle Greyhawk – Part 2

We descend deeper into the depths of Castle Greyhawk and find a…party? The monsters are setting up a party in level 2. On level 3, a buffet of food-based monsters await the adventurers. Baz, Max, and I try to decipher what’s going on in this dungeon.

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After Hours: AD&D WG7 Castle Greyhawk – Part 1

Castle Greyhawk (module WG7) might be the worst official D&D module of all time. A massive dungeon of 12 levels, each written by a different author, sounds like a great hack and slash module, but Castle Greyhawk has a twist. It’s supposed to be…funny. Puns, pop culture references and other ‘jokes’ populate the pages of this adventure.

Caleb, Rob, and I read the first two chapters to see what this infamous module had to offer. It’s fart-powered rocket monsters, adversarial GMing, and a NPC reaction table you won’t believe. Dare you brave the halls of Castle Greyhawk?

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After Hours: Ninjas and Superspies Part 3

We’ve explored the rules of Palladium’s martial arts RPG, so there’s only one thing left to do: make some characters! Tom and Aaron join me as we try to figure out how to stat out various fictional characters. First off are Neil Breen from his first movie, Double Down, and the raccoon from Synnibarr. Palladium does allow crossovers from its other games, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness, so making a mutant raccoon is easy.

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After Hours: Ninjas and Superspies – Part 2

It’s not all dim mak and ninjas in this RPG. The superspy sections have their own set of weirdness. Bridget, Noah, and I dive into skills, cybernetics, agencies, super vehicles, and gear in this episode. Find out what parts of the game were clearly lifted from other Palladium games. What’s the dumbest cybernetic implant? All this and more in part 2

After Hours: Ninjas and Superspies Part 1

We’re back! There’s one Palladium RPG we’ve barely mentioned and it’s now time to dissect it. Ninjas and Superspies is a bizarre mix of high tech espionage and martial art mysticism. It supposedly contains 41 unique martial art forms but as Baz, Rob, and I discover, it’s a bit weirder than that.

After Hours: Gammarauders

We’re celebrating the release of Godzilla vs Kong with a kaiju-themed board game from TSR! Gammrauders was a sci-fi war game about giant animal cyborgs (bioborgs) who fight for control of the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Aaron, Noah, Rob, and I talk about the game’s setting, mechanics, and more importantly, how should this game be rebooted? From dating sims to miniature-based skirmish games, there are quite a few ways to remake Gammarauders.

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