After Hours

After Hours: Gifts for the Gift Throne

As the holiday shopping season is upon us, I have come up with an idea for a new game: a miniatures skirmish game about families fighting each other for the best presents at big box stores and online retailer warehouses. We also review:

  • Deep Freeze, an adventure from Dungeon #83
  • Time and Time Again
  • Maximum Metal – a Cyberpunk 2020 supplement
  • A brief survey of the Imperial Guard codex (3E)

Song: Christmas Catalog by  幽霊, T O G E T H E R!

Click here to download the episode. (This episode was posted in December 2017. I forgot to post it to this site until now. Sorry!)

After Hours: Rolemaster Creatures and Treasures 1 and 2

Recently, a friend of the podcast mailed me a stack of Rolemaster books so for the next few episodes we will be exploring the depths of critical hit tables, odd statblocks and expanded encounter tables on After Hours. First off is Creatures and Treasures, an archive of both monsters and magic items. Aaron, Tom, and I find some real jewels in these two books. Enjoy!

After Hours: D4 Nite

Tabletop RPGs may be more popular than they have ever been, but is that enough? No, clearly not. We need to rip off more popular games in a shameless attempt to gain a bigger audience. Shaun, Tom, and I try to graft battle royale mechanics to popular RPGs like D&D and Rifts.

I also review The Four Riders, part 2 of the Venusian Apocalypse trilogy from Mutant Chronicles.

Here’s a link to that game industry article I discuss at the start of the episode.

Song: Seer by Roex

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