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After Hours: Rolemaster Creatures and Treasures 1 and 2

Recently, a friend of the podcast mailed me a stack of Rolemaster books so for the next few episodes we will be exploring the depths of critical hit tables, odd statblocks and expanded encounter tables on After Hours. First off is Creatures and Treasures, an archive of both monsters and magic items. Aaron, Tom, and I find some real jewels in these two books. Enjoy!

After Hours: Synnibarr Symposium

Friend of the podcast Noah joins us for an in-depth look at Synnibarr. This was spurred on by Noah’s decision to get a tattoo of the best art in any RPG ever, the raccoon with a rocket launcher a wristwatch. Find out what kind of character Noah makes and what video game console they’re named after!

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After Hours: D4 Nite

Tabletop RPGs may be more popular than they have ever been, but is that enough? No, clearly not. We need to rip off more popular games in a shameless attempt to gain a bigger audience. Shaun, Tom, and I try to graft battle royale mechanics to popular RPGs like D&D and Rifts.

I also review The Four Riders, part 2 of the Venusian Apocalypse trilogy from Mutant Chronicles.

Here’s a link to that game industry article I discuss at the start of the episode.

Song: Seer by Roex

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After Hours: Evil Corporation Investor Analysis

The Resident Evil 2 Remake led me down a wiki-lore dive, where I discovered that Umbrella actually had some *successful* projects, like the Tyrant 103 series, which was quite the surprise. Shaun, Tom, and I discuss which evil corporations are best for investors.

I also review Mutant Chronicles and an adventure for it, The Venusian Apocalypse Part 1: The Second Seal of Repulsion. It involves a tribe of cat people engineered to guard an evil temple and a luxury blimp.

Song: Blood Polygons by Grimlin

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