After Hours

RPPR After Hours: Remember the Machismo

ace-agentsSpecial guest Michelle shows up to review Macho Women with Guns. Ross reviews A.C.E Agents, the premier GI Joe parody RPG. We also talk about the most macho of magazines from the 1990s, Soldier of Fortune, and more specifically, the ads at the back of the magazine. It’s like a gear chapter in a Palladium RPG! There’s also some talk about the recent hijacking of the Silent Hill wiki by a man on a quest to tell the world about the horrors of circumcision.

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RPPR After Hours: The Alpha and Omega of Conspiracy Theories


Alpha Omega is a Shadowrun-esque heartbreaker that covers a lot of territory. Its Wikipedia entry notes that its major claim to fame was the ARG/fake conspiracy theory called Ethan Haas was Right, which was briefly thought to be part of the Cloverfield viral marketing campaign. It got a lot of things right and a lot of things so very wrong.

We also talk about conspiracy theorists and the Conspira-Sea Cruise, which has a lot of great guest speakers!


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RPPR After Hours: Omniboob – deadEarth and Roar – Part 1

deadearth1Tom, Aaron, and I went up to St. Louis to catch the live Night Vale show. Before that though, we went through character creation in deadEarth. The hotel’s fridge was on for the first time, so there’s a bit of background noise. If it bothers you all, I can go back and try to remaster it but I figured you guys would want to hear the nuances of chargen in this gem of a rpg.

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Learn more about deadEarth here.