Ross Payton

After Hours: AD&D WG7 Castle Greyhawk – Part 1

Castle Greyhawk (module WG7) might be the worst official D&D module of all time. A massive dungeon of 12 levels, each written by a different author, sounds like a great hack and slash module, but Castle Greyhawk has a twist. It’s supposed to be…funny. Puns, pop culture references and other ‘jokes’ populate the pages of this adventure.

Caleb, Rob, and I read the first two chapters to see what this infamous module had to offer. It’s fart-powered rocket monsters, adversarial GMing, and a NPC reaction table you won’t believe. Dare you brave the halls of Castle Greyhawk?

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RPPR Illustrated: The Wreckage Of Accelerate Phoenix in the Giant Robot Graveyard

Built by a powerful group of superheroes, the Graveyard of Giant Robots is a massive cavern in the upper mantle of the Earth. The old heroes stored dead kaiju, wrecked alien spaceships, and decommissioned giant robots in the Graveyard. Eventually the superheroes used it to throw anything that wasn’t too hazardous or useful. It is accessible by teleport pads in various superhero bases and a single maintenance tunnel network that connects somewhere on the surface. A system of repair and defense robots keep the facility sealed and intact, but they seldom pay attention to anything that does not threaten the integrity of the outer walls. An extensive climate control system creates weather inside the Graveyard. The scientists built it to speed along the decay of kaiju corpses and prevent the build-up of noxious fumes. Artificial sunlight comes in a regular cycle of day and night. It is a self-sustaining ecosystem.

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Remastered Actual Play: World of Darkness – Candle Cove – Part 1

Candle Cove was a kid’s show in the early 70s that many remember seeing but no one has ever found proof it ever existed.  Until now. Three friends find a tape that supposedly contains an  episode of the show. Soon after they play the tape, a strange man  appears at their doorstep and the three mortals find themselves in a  desperate struggle between a dangerous cult and a being beyond  comprehension, known only as the ‘Skin Taker’.

After Hours: Ninjas and Superspies Part 3

We’ve explored the rules of Palladium’s martial arts RPG, so there’s only one thing left to do: make some characters! Tom and Aaron join me as we try to figure out how to stat out various fictional characters. First off are Neil Breen from his first movie, Double Down, and the raccoon from Synnibarr. Palladium does allow crossovers from its other games, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness, so making a mutant raccoon is easy.

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RPPR Illustrated: The Suburban Anomaly

A house in a suburban neighborhood no longer fully exists in our universe. Something unnatural happened inside only a few hours ago. The local authorities have not yet responded or even realized something is amiss there.

The following map is meant as a resource for any modern horror game. Use it as the starting seed of a scenario or as a finale. The artifact behind the anomaly is left undescribed so it can be replaced with whatever fits for a particular game – a mystic tome, a high-tech device stolen from a government lab, or something else entirely.

Read the full write up and view the map here.

Remastered Actual Play: Call of Cthulhu – Bryson Springs – Part 1

The year is 1935 and horror lurks in the shadows of the Great Depression. In a Hooverille near a small town of California, Bryson Springs, a man has been murdered by means most foul. A FBI agent is ordered to investigate the death even though he is currently transporting a mafia hitman to prison. A reporter from L.A. and a professor of anthropology also converge on the area, drawn by fate or curiosity. The unlikely heroes find themselves surrounded by a horror they cannot imagine, let alone perceive!

This is part 1 of the game, remastered with better audio quality.

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