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Arkham Cold Cases: The Machine in the Attic – The Benevolent Street Mystery – Part 1

On a late night in 1934, a shot rang out on Benevolent Street in Arkham. An unknown man was arrested for murder but he was soon released. The victim had no bullet wounds. Instead, a strange machine had been shot. Who was the victim and what happened in the oldest house on Benevolent Street? Join us as we investigate!

This was based on the story From Beyond. My guest was Chris Farmer. Check out his blog here.

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RPPR Illustrated: Unknown Armies – Ghosts and Coffee

Following a bizarre rumour, a lonely artist and her  dog come to an all-night diner on the outskirts of the city. The fog is  closing in, and the spirits of the departed begin to congregate. Our  artist has a meeting due with someone very important, and she will not  be deterred.

This was my favorite game from last year and I wanted to immortalize it with Patsy’s artwork. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I highly recommend it. It’s some of the best role playing I’ve seen in a game.

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Arkham Cold Cases: The House on Meadow Hill’s Dark Secret – The Case of the Cemetery Assault Part 2

An unknown attacker severely injured Randolph Carter and Joel Manton in an Arkham cemetery late at night on September 23, 1923 . The police reports we have chalked it up to a loose bull, but no such animal was ever found or reported missing. What really happened that dark night?

We only have questions now, but I have invited another expert, Claire Morin, to delve into the past and shine light on the case. She has new evidence to support her theory of the crime. Listen in to find out more!

Episode 1 was posted on RPPR Actual Play as an April First special!

Our guest was Bridget Renoux:

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This case was based on the HP Lovecraft short story The Unnameable, with a few references to other stories.

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RPPR Illustrated: Wushu – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1990s edition

An image depicting our classic one shot take on the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen!

So here’s a cover image for a comics volume that never existed, with  apologies to Kevin O’Neill and Alan Moore (pictured top left, in the  hope of staving off his wizardly wrath). Earthworm Jim, M.A.N.T.I.S. and  the Guyver stand proud amid the trophies of their island adventure.  From left to right: A Big Daddy, displaced in time from a decade later; a  fearsome genetically-altered turtle bioweapon (squirtle),  highly-addictive gold rings; Mario question blocks; portraits of an  Animorph turning into an opossom; a framed Battletoad; a wall-hanging  depicting future-communist-Iron Giant’s victory over Evangelion-zilla;  noble portraits of Mario and Sonic (in accordance with the gritty Moore  retelling, they are depicted respectively as the Captain Lou Albano  version and the horrifyingly-toothy CGI version from last year that the  internet made them change); a large framed selfie that the gang of video  game villains (Kano, M.Bison, Andrew Ryan, Dracula and Bowser) took to  cement their alliance; Wanted Posters for Big Boss and Revolver Ocelot;  the mounted mask and claw of the defeated Vega; commemorative wall  shields for X-com and Mortal Kombat; a vicious, mutated Charizard; and  the famed Helm Of The Doomguy.

Thanks to Patsy for the artwork!

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After Hours: Gammarauders

We’re celebrating the release of Godzilla vs Kong with a kaiju-themed board game from TSR! Gammrauders was a sci-fi war game about giant animal cyborgs (bioborgs) who fight for control of the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Aaron, Noah, Rob, and I talk about the game’s setting, mechanics, and more importantly, how should this game be rebooted? From dating sims to miniature-based skirmish games, there are quite a few ways to remake Gammarauders.

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RPPR Illustrated: Blades in the Dark – The Blind Eyes

As a slight change in pace, I asked Patsy to showcase our current campaign, The Blind Eyes:
Here’s the Blind Eyes- In one of the most spectacular scenes so far from Episode 6, the crew rattles through the streets of Doskval on their hijacked horseless carriage/truth-telling mobile calliope, making good their escape from an extremely lively high-society wedding. Salvage tries to direct the ghost-powered contrivance, with able assistance from the masked Audra and the gang’s leader, Salty, somewhat the worse for wear from his time enjoying the wedding’s open bar. Vimes and Flake cling on behind, reader to repeal pursuers.

We also got a group portrait of the crew. Thanks for supporting the RPPR Patreon!

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After Hours: Inferno – Journey Through Malebolge Book Two and Three

We have finally descended into the lowest pits of Hell! Caleb, Noah, Rob, and I will guide you through the last two books of Inferno, covering the sixth through ninth circles of Hell, plus the final escape! What weirdness will this cover? Quite a bit between all the MANY descriptions of room inventories and random encounter tables.

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Song: Into Hell by Makeup and Vanity Set

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RPPR Illustrated: Eclipse Phase – Know Evil – Earth Tier

Earth tier! A strange and twisty journey finally draws to a close to our first Eclipse Phase campaign.

From  the bottom left, we proceed from the party’s dramatic escape from the  close confines of Hotel California; Rogue AGI Augustine taking control  of a crowd of synthmorphs to draw the fire of a distant sniper on Vo  Nyugen; The agents get forked and sent on a doomed mission to the  haunting ruins of Tokyo; they witness the final stroke of the  conspiracy’s plans in the petrified forests of the Ozark mountains: The  final battle with Manjappa’s pet Titans in the Martian desert; and their  final point of departure- Warden’s SimulSpace watering-hole at the edge  of existence.

Looming over the journey we have (Bottom right) Q, the group’s newest addition, having just swapped his eye for wisdom plastic explosives and Manjappa’s synthetic assassin, Kill-E, smuggled  in the prosthetic railgun-arms of a colleague, and (top right) a very  special cylinder that caused a great many problems, and the shadowy  super-spook Manjappa, who, in the end, turned out to just be…some guy.

Your support of RPPR made this possible, both the artwork and the campaign itself! This year, I do plan to start a campaign of Delta Green using Impossible Landscapes but I have to finish reading before I start.

Art by Patsy McDowell

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We run games for $10 patrons every month via our Discord. These games are saved on a Youtube channel. I have copied every episode from the Youtube channel as a Mp3 and uploaded it to this folder. There are 147 actual plays here, with RPPR cast members running games for patrons and guest RPPR cast members.

Next week, we will resume early access with a one shot of Delta Green, with my 2020 shotgun scenario “The Contractors”.

Thank you for supporting RPPR and sorry about the minor screwup.

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After Hours: Inferno – Journey Through Malebolge Book One

Paul Elkmann returned to Hell after a 34 year sabbatical. Noah, Caleb, and Rob come with me to descend once again. Find out what the new version of Inferno holds for adventurers. From Styx mushrooms to the Tree of Good and Evil, there are a lot of new ways to TPK unwary parties. We slog through the diseases and marshlands of the netherworld for your entertainment!

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If you liked this episode, be sure to check out The Mixed Six
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Song: 4th by Gost

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