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RPPR Illustrated: Eclipse Phase – Know Evil – Scum Swarm

The third tier of our first Eclipse Phase campaign has the Know Evil team visiting a scum swarm. From our artist Patsy:

“Here we have the Swarm orbiting high over earth, with highlights on, left to right:

Faiyun  (am I finally spelling that right?) fresh from the rejuvenation vat,  rescues a resleeved SAIROC’s ballet performance; graffiti relating to  the mysterious narrative entity Akaja; emotionally unstable  psychosurgeon DOCTOR MINDFUCK, Magda of the BOYTOY salvage cooperative,  resleeved for battle but still looking fabulous; Faiyun and Bartleby  enjoying their new bodies modelled on their favourite anime characters;  Maxwell, forced to shoot his own Mesh-Insert out of his neck and the  salvage operation goes terribly wrong; Gerard and Maxwell indulging  their cowboy fantasies as members of the swarm militia; The  centipede-oid leader of the rival DEVIL’S REJECTS salvage company; and  Preston, rocking the fashion world by announcing his break from his  employers while wearing a fabricated human-skin suit.”

Art by Patsy McDowell

View the artwork here.

RPPR Illustrated: Eclipse Phase – Know Evil- Luna Tier

We continue on our Know Evil journey by exploring Luna! From the artist Patsy:

“The group’s madcap adventures as interplanetary  gonzo journalists for RELEASE THE KRAKEN are sadly interrupted both by  the machinations of the Proxies, their Firewall masters, and by the  mind-shredding horror of the Exsurgent threats they’re theoretically  meant to be pursuing.

I’ve also included a more visible WIP version of the Release The Kraken frontpage, in case anyone’s curious.”

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Art by Patsy McDowell

View the artwork here.

After Hours: Judge’s Guild: Inferno – Part 1

We’re going to Hell! Judge’s Guild put out a module called Inferno in 1980, ostensibly based on Dante’s Divine Comedy. It’s a LOT. Caleb, Rob Stith (from the Orpheus Protocol) and Noah all followed me into this devilish scenario. We have so much to talk about that we are going to make a mini series of this journey as we could only get about halfway through the original module in this episode. There’s also a 2014 remake of the scenario that completes the entire 9 circles of Hell!

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Song: Lake of Fire by Gost

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RPPR Illustrated: Eclipse Phase – Know Evil – Venus Tier

Know Evil was such a long and complex campaign that no one image could include all of it. Instead, we’re going with an illustration for each of the tiers, starting with Venus! We also have some of the images as close-ups.

Clockwise from top, we have the Venusian pirates’ aerostats burning as  our heroes make their escape; S.A.I.R.O.C., the multi-ton spider-tank  with lots of love to give; The Claudias, a single ego powering a  multi-bodied crime syndicate; SAIROC earnestly befriending Augustine,  the devout but fantastically powerful AI; Faye-Yin freerunning her way  across the rooftops; Preston cleaning up at the mahjong table; Preston  Crowley, octomorph reality show star and swashbuckling swordmaster; The  mysterious Dr. Stefansson  in a child morph, commanding a fearsome  spherical warbot; Bartleby’s muse, the menacing March Hare; Bartleby,  traumatised psycho-surgeon and gunslinger; Faye-Yin sliding under SAIROC  amidst a fierce gunfight; Gerard’s brutal victory in the fighting pits  over his octomorph foe; Bartleby instigating a mass murder-suicide to  escape a virtual-reality hellscape; Faye-Yin Kirkpatrick, light-footed  legitimate businesswoman; Preston in a hermaphroditic pleasure-morph,  wreaking havoc with twin swords; Preston’s muse, the alluring Fhtagn;  Gerard, the bioconservative man-mountain gladiator; and the desiccated  remains of an unlucky worker on the THOUGHT station.

Art by Patsy McDowell  

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After Hours: Left Behind and d20 Modern Rapture The Second Coming

I recently found a copy of Rapture: The Second Coming, a d20 modern setting book and realized we had to talk about it here. But in order to understand this…unique setting, some of the RPPR cast (Caleb, Aaron, and Birk) and I watched the Left Behind movies. What is the Rapture? You can learn the theological background to this belief system with a 2 hour documentary on Youtube from Renegade Cuts or you can just listen to us dig through a weird book made in the height of the d20 shovelware era.

After Hours: Just Mall Ninja Things

A discussion of tactical blowguns during a Blades in the Dark game got me thinking about mall ninjas. A mall ninja is a person who loves ‘tactical’ gear, weird knives and useless accessories for firearms. I got Birk, Noah, and Baz together to look through some Shadowrun and Cyberpunk source books to find the equipment most suitable for mall ninjas in our world.

RPPR Illustrated: Night’s Black Agents – Tribes of Tokyo

Patsy has depicted our vampire-slaying hijinks for this month’s illustration.

“Here in their secret hideout/boat cabin, surrounded by trophies,  research materials and assorted gangster supplies, the ‘Ronin’ are  combining their skills to hatch another incredibly ambitious and  over-complicated heist plan.

From left- Shinji the  ascended-fanboy hacker, Ito the soft-spoken former Yakuza, Haru the  iron-willed mastermind, Kazuo the Reverb-addicted forger, and Shiro the  ex-CIA badass.

Many thanks owed, of course, to Crazon/@reviewcultist for the original character designs.”

Art by Patsy McDowell

Click here to view the artwork.

After Hours: Dark Conspiracy – Nightsiders the Musical!

After seeing Hamilton, I’ve realized that RPGs have yet to conquer the musical. I assembled some musical experts (Michelle, Aaron, and David) to discuss turning a RPG scenario into a musical. I picked Nightsiders, an adventure from Dark Conspiracy because it has zombies and it’s been a while since we’ve looked at Dark Conspiracy.