RPPR Illustrated

RPPR Illustrated: Eclipse Phase – Erasure Squad

A Firewall Erasure Squad discovers an Exhuman “How to pass as a normal person” morality training system. It seems Exhumans have a hard time blending in normal society.

Click here to listen to the Actual Play this image is based on. http://actualplay.roleplayingpublicradio.com/2014/03/systems/eclipse-phase/eclipse-phase-erasure-squad/

Thanks to Patsy McDowell for the artwork!  http://residentmedieval.tumblr.com/

Click here to download the artwork.

RPPR Illustrated: Fallen Flag campaign

I ran a Red Markets campaign for the RPPR crew earlier this year. Set in Greeley, Colorado, the taker group Fallen Flag tried to earn their retirement far out in the Loss, far from the safety of the Recession. Caught between the DHQS and the Moths, the takers have to find a balance between deadly jobs and the pressures of home life.  Read more about the campaign in this thread on the RPPR forums.

Click here to view the artwork and download the episode.