After Hours: The Road to Rio and Terry the Mutazoid

mutazoidIn this episode, we talk about potential games to make about Rio Olympics, plus part 2 of the Future King review, a review of Glory Hole Dwarven Mine from Judge’s Guild, and Tom brings in Mutazoids. We create a PC, Terry.
Song: IBM Lotus Night by Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza

Click here to download the episode.

Terry has the following mutations:

Mushroom Shaped Head – with a spikey head ornamentation

A nose tongue, which is normal but missing (?)

2 Sucker mouths on shoulders


Normal ears

Nerve Bundles instead of eyes

Normal arms

Tiny tentacles for hands

Normal torso, legs, body color

Talon feet


Thin skin

Asexual reproduction

Normal markings

insect tail and wings

Cannot hear gunshots

has an alter ego


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