RPPR Illustrated: Eclipse Phase – Know Evil – Earth Tier

Earth tier! A strange and twisty journey finally draws to a close to our first Eclipse Phase campaign.

From  the bottom left, we proceed from the party’s dramatic escape from the  close confines of Hotel California; Rogue AGI Augustine taking control  of a crowd of synthmorphs to draw the fire of a distant sniper on Vo  Nyugen; The agents get forked and sent on a doomed mission to the  haunting ruins of Tokyo; they witness the final stroke of the  conspiracy’s plans in the petrified forests of the Ozark mountains: The  final battle with Manjappa’s pet Titans in the Martian desert; and their  final point of departure- Warden’s SimulSpace watering-hole at the edge  of existence.

Looming over the journey we have (Bottom right) Q, the group’s newest addition, having just swapped his eye for wisdom plastic explosives and Manjappa’s synthetic assassin, Kill-E, smuggled  in the prosthetic railgun-arms of a colleague, and (top right) a very  special cylinder that caused a great many problems, and the shadowy  super-spook Manjappa, who, in the end, turned out to just be…some guy.

Your support of RPPR made this possible, both the artwork and the campaign itself! This year, I do plan to start a campaign of Delta Green using Impossible Landscapes but I have to finish reading before I start.

Art by Patsy McDowell

View the artwork here.

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