RPPR Illustrated: Eclipse Phase – Know Evil – Scum Swarm

The third tier of our first Eclipse Phase campaign has the Know Evil team visiting a scum swarm. From our artist Patsy:

“Here we have the Swarm orbiting high over earth, with highlights on, left to right:

Faiyun  (am I finally spelling that right?) fresh from the rejuvenation vat,  rescues a resleeved SAIROC’s ballet performance; graffiti relating to  the mysterious narrative entity Akaja; emotionally unstable  psychosurgeon DOCTOR MINDFUCK, Magda of the BOYTOY salvage cooperative,  resleeved for battle but still looking fabulous; Faiyun and Bartleby  enjoying their new bodies modelled on their favourite anime characters;  Maxwell, forced to shoot his own Mesh-Insert out of his neck and the  salvage operation goes terribly wrong; Gerard and Maxwell indulging  their cowboy fantasies as members of the swarm militia; The  centipede-oid leader of the rival DEVIL’S REJECTS salvage company; and  Preston, rocking the fashion world by announcing his break from his  employers while wearing a fabricated human-skin suit.”

Art by Patsy McDowell

View the artwork here.

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