Arkham Cold Cases: The House on Meadow Hill’s Dark Secret – The Case of the Cemetery Assault Part 2

An unknown attacker severely injured Randolph Carter and Joel Manton in an Arkham cemetery late at night on September 23, 1923 . The police reports we have chalked it up to a loose bull, but no such animal was ever found or reported missing. What really happened that dark night?

We only have questions now, but I have invited another expert, Claire Morin, to delve into the past and shine light on the case. She has new evidence to support her theory of the crime. Listen in to find out more!

Episode 1 was posted on RPPR Actual Play as an April First special!

Our guest was Bridget Renoux:

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This case was based on the HP Lovecraft short story The Unnameable, with a few references to other stories.

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