RPPR Illustrated: Blades in the Dark – The Blind Eyes

As a slight change in pace, I asked Patsy to showcase our current campaign, The Blind Eyes:
Here’s the Blind Eyes- In one of the most spectacular scenes so far from Episode 6, the crew rattles through the streets of Doskval on their hijacked horseless carriage/truth-telling mobile calliope, making good their escape from an extremely lively high-society wedding. Salvage tries to direct the ghost-powered contrivance, with able assistance from the masked Audra and the gang’s leader, Salty, somewhat the worse for wear from his time enjoying the wedding’s open bar. Vimes and Flake cling on behind, reader to repeal pursuers.

We also got a group portrait of the crew. Thanks for supporting the RPPR Patreon!

View the artwork here.

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