RPPR Illustrated: Delta Green – Spearfinger

Baz’s recent Delta Green game, Spear Finger, was unique and thrilling enough to merit an illustration. If you haven’t listened to the game yet, check it out!

On the top left we have the church picnic that  starts the whole grim business off, with Spearfinger-as-Ruth reaching  out for a new victim; Below her we have Dr. Stanley making off with his  supply of emergency livers, and Agent Dray making the sad realization  that her bullets just aren’t working.

On the right we have  Saul Cool’s last cornered confrontation with the monster; below we have  Dr. Horta’s ghastly but mercifully swift end; and Dr. McLaren’s wise  choice to get the hell out of there and retire in peace.

Art by Patsy McDowell

Click here to view the artwork.

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