Ross Payton

New Milestone: RPPR Classic Campaigns

I know a lot of you enjoy listening to our classic campaigns, but as RPPR Actual Play has grown, it has created some problems downloading older episodes. The RSS feed is limited to 500 episodes and we have over 600 episodes already available. Furthermore, finding a campaign and downloading it can be tedious and annoying.

I have figured out a solution to this problem. I can create mirror sites with just the episodes of a particular campaign. That generates a new and unique RSS feed that you can paste into a podcast app for a quick download.

I’ve created an example site for The Final Revelation, with its own RSS feed.

If we reach $2400 a month, I will create one new mirror site a month for our classic campaigns, starting with Know Evil.

If we reach the goal and I get all the campaigns mirrored, I’ll create a new milestone to replace it. We have 15 campaigns left to mirror, so that will take a while.

Thanks for supporting the RPPR Patreon and I know we can do this!

If you haven’t joined the RPPR Patreon yet, we have lots of exclusive content and a great community on our Discord server.

After Hours: Synnibarr Symposium

Friend of the podcast Noah joins us for an in-depth look at Synnibarr. This was spurred on by Noah’s decision to get a tattoo of the best art in any RPG ever, the raccoon with a rocket launcher a wristwatch. Find out what kind of character Noah makes and what video game console they’re named after!

Click here to download the episode.

RPPR Illustrated: The Best of Aaron

We’re changing things up a bit on the RPPR Patreon! We’re highlighting some of the best moments of our cast members. To start things off is Aaron! The scenes depicted are from the following games:

Top center: Know Evil

Far left: Bryson Springs

Middle (from left to right): Operation Downslope, Andrew’s Fortune part 1, The White Stairs, and Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man episode 3.

Far Right: Nagalisitu Episode 10

Bottom: Shanghaied

Click here to view the artwork.

Questing for Answers Episode 1

In our first episode, I got some of the online RPPR cast (Bridget and Birk) to answer some questions in our first segment and then got Caleb, Tom, Aaron, and special guest Baz to answer questions for the second segment. We tackle everything from gaming advice to suggestions for bad movies. We didn’t get through all of the questions, but we will try to get different patrons for our next episode.

Click here to download the episode.