RPPR Illustrated: Wushu – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1990s edition

An image depicting our classic one shot take on the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen!

So here’s a cover image for a comics volume that never existed, with  apologies to Kevin O’Neill and Alan Moore (pictured top left, in the  hope of staving off his wizardly wrath). Earthworm Jim, M.A.N.T.I.S. and  the Guyver stand proud amid the trophies of their island adventure.  From left to right: A Big Daddy, displaced in time from a decade later; a  fearsome genetically-altered turtle bioweapon (squirtle),  highly-addictive gold rings; Mario question blocks; portraits of an  Animorph turning into an opossom; a framed Battletoad; a wall-hanging  depicting future-communist-Iron Giant’s victory over Evangelion-zilla;  noble portraits of Mario and Sonic (in accordance with the gritty Moore  retelling, they are depicted respectively as the Captain Lou Albano  version and the horrifyingly-toothy CGI version from last year that the  internet made them change); a large framed selfie that the gang of video  game villains (Kano, M.Bison, Andrew Ryan, Dracula and Bowser) took to  cement their alliance; Wanted Posters for Big Boss and Revolver Ocelot;  the mounted mask and claw of the defeated Vega; commemorative wall  shields for X-com and Mortal Kombat; a vicious, mutated Charizard; and  the famed Helm Of The Doomguy.

Thanks to Patsy for the artwork!

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After Hours: Gammarauders

We’re celebrating the release of Godzilla vs Kong with a kaiju-themed board game from TSR! Gammrauders was a sci-fi war game about giant animal cyborgs (bioborgs) who fight for control of the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Aaron, Noah, Rob, and I talk about the game’s setting, mechanics, and more importantly, how should this game be rebooted? From dating sims to miniature-based skirmish games, there are quite a few ways to remake Gammarauders.

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RPPR Illustrated: Blades in the Dark – The Blind Eyes

As a slight change in pace, I asked Patsy to showcase our current campaign, The Blind Eyes:
Here’s the Blind Eyes- In one of the most spectacular scenes so far from Episode 6, the crew rattles through the streets of Doskval on their hijacked horseless carriage/truth-telling mobile calliope, making good their escape from an extremely lively high-society wedding. Salvage tries to direct the ghost-powered contrivance, with able assistance from the masked Audra and the gang’s leader, Salty, somewhat the worse for wear from his time enjoying the wedding’s open bar. Vimes and Flake cling on behind, reader to repeal pursuers.

We also got a group portrait of the crew. Thanks for supporting the RPPR Patreon!

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