RPPR Illustrated: Wild Talents – The Heroes of New Arcadia – Cosmic Tier

The final tier of our Heroes of New Arcadia campaign!

Clockwise from top left; Silver Centurion goes on a drunken flight  through the skies above Las Vegas accompanied by two fellow revelers;  Later, as a coup threatens the very planet, he wrestles with a thorny  moral choice; Science Ghost, currently a biotechnological slime  creature, monitors all from is personal laboratory; Merlin, nemesis of  Avalon and avatar of ancient magic, lurks behind the scenes; The  cosmically powerful Torchbearer, once known as Norm, ponders the will of  his divine patron; Chirop battles the Status Quo’s cyborg robot army,  then entertains the nation alongside Stephen Colbert; The US Capitol, a  site of intense debate and political maneuvering in the brief slice of  time before it becomes totally irrelevant; a storm of multicoloured  figures rise over planet Earth as humanity ascends to a higher plane of  existence; Security Chief Vincent de Silva enjoys a final cigarette as  his extradimensional body dies; The hot-headed Martyr crushes the psyche  of an impertinent lobbyist; and the demigod Pericles, accompanied as  ever by the Hawk Of Justice, makes an unsung final stand against  Merlin’s knights.

Art by Patsy McDowell

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