After Hours: Pitching Netflix

After the release of the Bright  teaser trailer, it has become clear to us that Netflix is buying whatever geeky/RPG material they can find. So I convened a round table of the RPPR cast (Caleb, Dan, Tom, and Shaun) to figure out some of the best pitches we could share with Netflix. Find out the secret behind the crying child in a barrel!

Titles reviewed or mentioned:

  • Rolemaster: Castles and Ruins
  • Warmachine: The Quasi-Historical Retro Sci-Fi RPG
  • WWE: Know Your Role d20 RPG
  • Chrome Book 4
  • Cyberspace: Death Game 2090
  • Arcana Evolved

Song: Berlin Window Shopping Pt. III by Sonning 991

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RPPR Palladium Poisoning: Episode 4 – Atlantis – Part 1

Atlantis is the heart of the Rifts setting, even moreso than North America. It’s an evil empire run by a godlike alien intelligence who just wants to sell you some rune swords and slaves. It is the ultimate RPG shop for murderhobos. Faust, Shaun, and I delve into the geography and culture of Atlantis, at least as much as we can in one episode. Clearly, this will be a two parter. Check out that swole owl man!


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RPPR Illustrated: Base Raiders – Gate 9 – Part 1

We have a Base Raiders campaign coming up soon and I asked Patsy to draw the player characters. We had six players, so this month shows half of the team. From left to right:

  • Ivan (Shaun’s PC)
  • Trey (Caleb’s PC)
  • Agata (Faust’s PC)

What are their powers? How did they get them? You’ll have to wait for the first episode to drop this month to find out! Thanks for backing the RPPR Patreon!

Thanks to Patsy McDowell for the art!

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RPPR Illustrated: Eclipse Phase – Erasure Squad

A Firewall Erasure Squad discovers an Exhuman “How to pass as a normal person” morality training system. It seems Exhumans have a hard time blending in normal society.

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Thanks to Patsy McDowell for the artwork!

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