After Hours: Choose Your Own Netflix

Caleb, Tom, and I enjoyed the new Black Mirror special, Bandersnatch, but we realized we could do better. Far better. So we discuss what interactive projects Netflix should do next. I also review a classic scenario from Judge’s Guild called Tower of Ulission. It’s a doozy featuring hallucinations, friendly talking skeletons, and a dragon that zips you when it breathes.

Don’t Cross the Stream: Video Game Movies

With the recent release of the Detective Pikachu movie trailer, I have realized that video game movies have come a long way since the days of yore. Back in the 90s, quite a few video game movies were made, but they were….not good. In this episode, we discuss everything from what Pokemon would do to various RPG settings to Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

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Song: Guile’s Theme by the Mad Gear.

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After Hours: The Lore of Payday 2 OR the Real Heist Was the Friends We Made Along the Way

The story of Payday 2 is officially over. After playing this weird video game for 5 years now, I wanted to explain the lore behind the game to see if casual players could understand it. I enlisted Aaron, Bridget, Noah, and Thad to go through the lore and discuss other potential endings the game could have had. Thad also reviews Graveyard Keeper, a new game out on Steam.

Please check out Cry, a visual novel by Bridget and Fae from Thrilling Intent! 

Thanks to Discendo Vox to help me with the Payday 2 lore questions. Check out his mod for Payday 2, Crackdown, which rebalances the higher difficulty levels.

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